The People that make it possible

Dartrans has an experienced staff who are dedicated to providing quality service to our customers. They are experts who use their knowledge to get your freight to where it needs to go; by air, land, and sea.



David Rice - CEO & Founder

David is the founder and current CEO of Dartrans, Inc. He is responsible for strategic decision making, international business development, and maintaining the overall direction of the company. In 1989 David founded Dartrans and has managed its growth in experience over the past 30 years.

bridget Lowy - COO & President

Bridget is the current President and COO of Dartrans, Inc. She is responsible for overseeing and managing day to day operations for the company and ensuring the efficiency and quality of the work that we do. Bridget joined the company in 1991 and was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer in 2011. She is a Certified Customs Specialist, Certified Export Specialist, and Licensed Customs Broker.

steven Fisher - CFO & Accounts Manager

Steven is CFO and Accounts Manager at Dartrans, Inc. He is responsible for managing our company finances, working with our financial partners, and guiding our profitability strategies. Steven joined the company in 2000 in his current position.



Sabrina Doetsch - Office Manager & Senior Import Specialist

Sabrina is our Office Manager and Senior Import Specialists. She has over 42 years experience in the industry and ensures our import department runs smoothly. Working with a number of various importers she specializes in importing industrial and construction materials.

Mary Ribb - Senior Import specialist

Mary has over 32 years experience in the industry in both warehousing and customs brokerage. She specializes in importing some of the industries toughest commodities, uranium and fertilizers. Her knowledge of customs procedures and documentation is second to none.

Tracie Lloyd - Senior Import specialist

Tracie has worked in the industry for over 27 years. She specializes in imports for some of our highest volume accounts for both steel and food products. She has expert knowledge of FDA procedures, is a Customs Certified Specialist, and is HAZMAT certified.



Doris Hornberger - Senior Export Specialist

Doris runs our export department and has over 46 years experience in the industry. She is specialized in dealing with heavy machinery and hazardous cargo, but has exported just about any commodity you can think of. She is HAZMAT certified, and is our TSA Alternate Security Coordinator.



Import, export, and TRANSPORTATION

In additional to our talented specialist are our coordinators for import, export, and transportation. Together with the team leaders, they are a formidable group of experts with the ability to move your freight safely wherever it needs to go and at the most competitive price.