Dartrans has been a trusted freight forwarder and US customs broker for over 30 years.


Who are we?

Dartrans is an international freight forwarder and customs broker with partnership agreements around the globe. From our home in Baltimore, we handle shipments to and from all major trading countries. Over the last 30 years we have striven to make international shipping easier for globally minded companies. Our clientele ranges from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium sized businesses who come to us to fulfill their import, export, and transportation needs. With a multi-lingual staff and a focus on customer service we aim to help our clients meet their international shipping needs.

Our strength comes from the knowledge and dedication of our staff, and the partnerships we make around the world. These are the things that make Dartrans great.
— David Rice, CEO of Datrans, Inc.

In our view, the ease of international trade is critical to a prosperous world and we seek to be facilitators for businesses and entrepreneurs to do just that. Our mission since we opened our doors in 1989 has been to open the doors of the world to our clients. While based in the United States, we take our business around the world to make meaningful partnerships with businesses and governments in order to facilitate the movement of cargo.

In order to fulfill our mission we have affiliations with many local, regional, and international organizations:

  • Baltimore Freight Forwarders & Brokers Association

  • National Brokers & Forwarders Associate of America

  • Propeller Club of the United States

  • World Trade Center Institute

  • The Traffic Club of Baltimore

  • Project Partners

  • W.C.N.A